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24 September 2013

Friendship is Magic - Welcome To Ponyville

I always loved My Little Pony as a child so receiving the revamped version on DVD instantly brought back memories of my youth - I was probably more excited to watch it with the opportunity to reminisce than the Mini Mes were! 

While unwrapping the movie I began to remember having my own collection, brushing their tails, placing a doll on their back and making them gallop around my room which made me feel quite warm inside. Childhoods are made of magic and imagination and this is something I definitely want my children to experience too. 
I was really looking forward to sharing a part of what I enjoyed as a little girl with them so we snuggled up under a blanket to watch an episode together.

There are 6 episodes in total, all of which teach valuable lessons about friendship.
Despite Jamster not being keen initially at the thought of watching something aimed at a predominantly female audience he was actually the one to ask to watch another episode so he must have enjoyed it! 
The episodes were all quite entertaining and I liked the modern style of a more traditional show... we ended up watching them all in one sitting.

· Friendship is Magic – Part 1

· Friendship is Magic – Part 2

· Griffon the Brush-off

· Look Before You Sleep

· Swarm of the Century

· Owl's Well That Ends Well

Meet Twilight Sparkle, a very special little pony with a very powerful gift for magical spells and loves to study. As part of her ongoing studies, she has been tasked an assignment by the Royal Princess Celestia of Equestria to learn something new… The true meaning of friendship.

In the quaint, magical village of Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle sets off on her assignment with her best friend, a little purple dragon called Spike and makes some new and adorable friends along the way. Join her and her pony friends Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack on their enchanting and laughter-filled adventures as they discover the most powerful magic of all time, the Magic of Friendship!

Welcome to Ponyville is rated U making it suitable for the entire family and is available from many retailers.
RRP £12.99.

As a recent survey by Clearvision showed the majority of young children prefer traditional toys to tech gadgets this may be a good gift idea for Santa to slip into a stocking this year!

Do you remember My Little Pony from your childhood?

*We received Welcome to Ponyville DVD for the purpose of this review. 
The opinions given are honest and our own*



  1. I loved my little pony, this DVD looks great, I think santa maybe getting this for my girls this year :P x

  2. I saw the ads for this and it did catch my attention, I was thinking of getting it. Sounds like a nice collection.

  3. Oh this brings back happy memories, i LOVED My Little Pony as a kid. I think Santa may be popping this little beauty in to my niece's stocking ;)
    Vikki xxx
    Love From Mummy

  4. I used to love these as a child, Eliza has yet to see them!

  5. I know Sienna is only 10 months old but she would love this! She is addicted to all those adverts that show the pink girly, things! haha x

  6. My girls love my little pony, they play with some of my old toys :) x

  7. I never had MLPs when I was little - Mum didn't like them! I'm glad to hear they have updated it in a way that still retains it's old feeling though.

  8. I loved my little pony so much as a child, it's lovely to see that the toys and merchandise are still available.

  9. My youngest sister had loads of MLP's back in the early 80's and my eldest Daughter had a small collection when she was younger back in the early 00's, all of the MLP's both from the 80's and 00's have been played with by my two Daughters aswell as my Niece. They are a much loved and played with toy

  10. I used to love My Little Pony - Would love to pass on this feeling!

  11. My young niece loves My Little Pony.

  12. I was too old for My Little Pony the first time round, but my stepdaughter is getting into them now!

  13. The theme of the story - friendship - is good. Would be good for all young girls. Thanks for the review.

  14. My little Pony was my favourite childhood toy, I wish I had a girl I could play with them again

  15. Brings back happy memories, looks a lovely DVD

  16. Aw Would love to watch this with my girls too definately a great idea for christmas thankyou for the great review.

  17. My Little Pony was one of my favourite toys as a kid,My favourite was Bow Tie

  18. I was a bit too old for 'My Little Pony', but my stepdaughter absolutely loves them!


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