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16 September 2013

Magical Moments - Affection

The Mini Mes are at the age where they are happy to go into school by themselves, giving me a quick wave as they run indoors with their coats and bags, while chatting to friends. 
They don't need me as much any more. 
They are growing up and becoming independent. 

At the same time as being proud that they have grown and developed from babies and toddlers, I miss them needing me and reaching out for my help and support.
They are at the point where they don't want to kiss me goodbye anymore as it's not cool in front of their peers. 

They want to spread their wings and do things for themselves.

However, behind closed doors they still cuddle up to me and even fall asleep in my arms after a long day. 
They plant their lips on my cheeks.
Want me to tuck them in at bed time.
Help them with homework.
They write me notes saying how much I mean to them as a mum.

I think this makes the hugs that I do receive that little bit more special.

“. . . I would have let him go one finger at a time, until, without his realising, he'd be floating without me. And then I thought, perhaps that is what it means to be a [parent] - to teach your child to live without you.” 

― Nicole Krauss

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  1. I now have tears in my eyes first thing Monday morning! I wish people (not just children) didn't care what other people thought. X

  2. Aww how lovely. I have this in the morning now, as my almost 6 year old is capable of going in on his own whilst I take his younger brother, his peers are still being settled in but he doesn't need it - and I want him to need it lol.

    Glad you are still getting affection behind closed doors.

  3. That quote is beautiful as is this post. I can't imagine what it must be like to go through that stage where they no longer need you but at the same time they will always need you and is nice that behind closed doors they are still affectionate and cuddly. That photo is so lovely too. xx

  4. Aww that quote is really touching. And lump in throat inducing :) I can;t imagine a time when our children won't need us. I hope they do all grow up to be independent but are still full of hugs and loveliness forever and always.

  5. Oh crap I was alright until I read the quote! What a wonderful post Emma, beautifully written and such a great photograph. You must really cherish the moments you have together. Thanks so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  6. That's so lovely. My kids are at a similar stage to yours. Even my 7 year old daughter is less keen for me to kiss her at school, but she still lets me. My 9 year old is off up the school drive before I even get to the gate and some days my 12 year old leaves for the bus without me even realising! My daughter still likes LOADS of affection at home and I making the most of it while I can. The boys can be affectionate when it's on their terms. I miss being able to cuddle them.

  7. Some lovely words there! Thank you x

  8. Brilliant post. I love the quote at the end, and I live by it. It's also a fantastic photo and sentiment... :)

  9. Awww, really lovely post! xx

  10. Very beautiful, yet sad quote. Thanks for linking up to #WednesdayWords x


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