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16 September 2013

Meal Planning and Motivational Monday

Autumn is here, the heavy rain and wind are a sign of that, and the slow cooker will soon be making a regular appearance in my kitchen again. But for now we are still just selecting meals between the four of us that we fancy for the week ahead...

This weeks menu

Jacket potatoes with chilli chicken
Sweet and sour chicken with noodles
Meatball bolognese
Ham, chicken and leek pie with herb roasted potatoes and vegetables
Pizza with cheesy garlic bread

Wednesday the Mr and I are child free and planning on seeing Riddick at the cinema so we will select something or eat out on the day depending upon the screenings. We tend to go weekly as the Orange buy one get one free ticket deal is too good to miss (plus the fact there is Ben and Jerry's)!

The weight loss has now reached 17lb. I still have a long way to reach my target but I'm staying positive and the fact I won't be drinking until Christmas now, through choice, should help.
I've decided to participate with Sober October and helping to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Support in the process.

My weight loss motivation for the week is...

Will your slow cooker be making an appearance again soon? What motivates you?

Have a great week!



  1. My slow cooker's raring to go, it won't take many more chilly evenings to convince me it's time to bring it into action

  2. That Ham, chicken and leek pie sounds delicious!!
    Ohh I'm dying to see Riddick! Enjoy!!

  3. My slow cooker will be making an appearance very soon. Love the sound of your ham, chicken and leek pie. I will give that a try x

  4. Having recently discovered that I like noodles I have been using them loads. So the sweet and sour chicken really appeals to me. I need that workout sign blown up large and pinned all over my house.


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