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11 September 2013

Making a House a Home

We have been living in our home for just over 6 years now, how time flies! The central heating has been installed (it was a warm air system originally), a shower has been fitted and soon the kitchen and bathrooms will be replaced so we can finally start thinking about decorating and those special final touches. The little things like cushions and coffee tables that give a home that warm, welcoming feeling that I love. 

I've been looking through various brochures, taking wallpaper samples from stores and collecting mini paint pots for inspiration and I'm finally pulling together all of my ideas.

Wall art
I'm very keen on family photos being displayed at home and we still have our handprint tree on the wall that we created last year. I'd also like to add some family related wall art to the collection, quotes in particular, as a reminder of the great relationships we have and are building under our roof and of the love we share.

Once the loiunge is complete I'd like to start a little collection of ornaments that are family related too. I'm fond of the Willow Tree range and I think these would be nice along the windowsill or around the TV. 

I'm a little obsessed with candles and with Christmas approaching (can I say the C word yet?) I'm looking forward to scents of apple and cinnamon swirling around the house again. Into Spring I'd like some sweet and fruity fragrances and the Jelly Bean range is my favourite! Having a home that smells nice is essential!

Windows are quite a focal point in every room so making them stand out with voiles in pretty shades is what I would like. Plum for the bedroom to match the few accessories I already have and coordinating for every other room too.

Not only are these great for your health but they bring so much colour into your home especially when combined with bright ceramic bowls and pots.

The Mini Mes rooms will probably be the first to be transformed and I know that they would both like some glow in the dark ceiling decorations or even fibre optics to make it magical at bed time.

How do you make your house into a home?

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  1. Some gorgeous ideas thank you!

  2. such lovely ideas

  3. These voiles are gorge! Just what I need in my living room!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love! | Mummy, Beauty & Lifestyle blog

  4. Great ideas, I love the lighting decorations.

  5. My mums a huge fan of Willow Tree figurines, the wall art looks amazing!

  6. Ohh lots of lovely ideas!! I would love just about everything you've

  7. i love wall art too and lots of candles also i have a lot of canvas pictures.The glow in the dark looks amazing thank you for sharing :-).

  8. It's all about the soft furnishings - you can change the look and feel of your rooms each season whilst still keeping an eye on your budget. Cushions are my downfall!

  9. We have a LOT of photos - the dining room is a veritable rogues gallery with an array of pictures of family and friends - all in different black picture frames to bring them together. I love it.

  10. I love the family tree wall art. I'd love to have that on the chimney in the lounge! I really want to collect the Willow Tree figures, but so far I only have the one!

  11. Photos are a must... in the process of decorating the house here.... have no idea where to start! lol

  12. a big soft colour coordinated blanket perfect for snuggling up as the weather gets colder!

  13. I love photos and candles too think they set a room off x

  14. I love the collection ornaments and have a few myself, however, I love your wallart. It's beautiful xx


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