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11 September 2013


Little old me on the way to Liverpool on Saturday.
The only photos I really allow are ones that I take myself... or when I'm a tad tipsy and don't care!

We had a lovely time 'up north' celebrating my brother and his fiancee's wedding over the weekend at West Tower. A beautiful venue for a beautiful couple.

I didn't catch the bouquet but there is another wedding later in the year to attend so I'm hoping my luck is in then.

The Mr has has no choice but to ask me then, right?!

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  1. What a lovely selfie, so pretty! Good luck with that bouquet next time ;-)

  2. Very pretty your eyeliner! I'm useless and putting it on and can never do a straight line! x

  3. Lovely photo, very pretty - I'm also loving the eyeliner!

  4. Beautiful! That's a proper selfie! Good luck with the bouquet for next time!

  5. Lovely photo, so pretty. Good luck with the bouquet next time x

  6. Lovely photo. Get practicing at catching and elbowing in the ribs ;-)

  7. Beautiful photo and I say just make your own bouquet throw it in the air and catch it in front of him if he needs a hint :-)

  8. Gorgeous selfie. I hope that you catch the bouquet next time.


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