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30 September 2013

My Dream Bedroom (and first ever moodboard)

Our house is slowly being transformed into a family home and once the children's bedrooms are eventually finished, after the kitchen and bathrooms are finally complete that is, it will be time to concentrate on little old me.

Time to create a haven where I can snuggle up with a hot chocolate and lose myself in a book.
Somewhere I can retreat to when I need 5 minutes peace (and some chocolate in secret).
Somewhere I can chill and watch movies with the Mr.

As colours can influence moods and emotions I would opt for purple in my boudoir which naturally creates a calm atmosphere, induces sleep and relaxation and helps to reduce stress. Perfect for forty winks.

I'd go for comfort combined with class in terms of style.

I've had peek at the Debenhams website and created my first ever moodboard to show you some of the items I'd love.
It's far from perfect but I've given it a go!

  • Grape Faux Vintage Flock wallpaper £25 (x3)
  • Purple 'Ontario' bed linen - Super King Duvet Cover £58.40 and pillowcases £22.40
  • Polished Chrome Emily 6 Light Crystal Prism Chandelier £217.60
  • Rocha John Rocha Grey scratched lamp £68 (x2)
  • Star by Julien Macdonald Designer silver beaded loop cushion £25 (x2)
  • Star by Julien Macdonald Silver 'Mirror Glitter' photo frames £12.80 (x2)
  • Medium vanilla cupcake housewarmer candle £16.99
  • Silver metal tea light tree £30.40
  • Graham & Brown Plum Roses row printed canvas wall art £34.99
  • Purple 'York' plain boarder rug £210
  • Natural oak veneered 'Burlington' three drawer bedside chest £200 (x2)
  • Natural oak veneered 'Burlington' six drawer wide chest £400 (x2)
  • Natural oak veneered 'Burlington' high foot bedstead £320

As purple is quite dark and I wouldn't want the room to appear small, I'd have cream carpets and walls bar a feature wall behind the bed.
I'd also have a combination of white and silver accessories with a little glitter thrown in too for some sparkle!
The candles would produce a beautiful scent and light up the room nicely in the evenings.

How would you create the perfect bedroom?



  1. very nice - I get carried away with things like this and then cant afford them!

    1. I decided not to add the total just incase I was really dreaming ;)

  2. What a fantastic idea xx

  3. Love the colours, very similar to my bedroom colour scheme! (and well done on the mood board, it's great!)

  4. love this it looks very cosy. x

  5. what a fab idea never done a moodboard before!

    1. Pleased with how it turned out for my first. Easy too :) x

  6. Replies
    1. Looks so cosy and the fabric looks amazing x


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