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01 October 2013

Attitude of a Pre-Teen

Love it or hate it, kids speak their minds.
They don't always think about what they are saying and sometimes have little care for others feelings.
This week I have seen some great examples of this, most of which have been rather amusing too...

Minxy decided she wanted to play cinemas so she picked a film, created her posters and tickets and announced that Jack the Giant Slayer would begin at 2pm sharp.
Jamster wanted to join in so asked if he could play

Minxy: "You can be on bin duty afterwards and tidy up. But that is it."

How kind!


My car seems to have become a little untidy lately with an abundance of magazines and food wrappers in the back seats. I decided to grab a carrier bag to empty it out...

Minxy: "What are you doing mum?"
Me: "Just going to remove some of the junk from in the car quickly."
Minxy: "Well you will need more than just the one bag then won't you!"

It's wasn't that messy!
Well, perhaps it was.


While discussing how quickly the year seemed to be going we soon moved on to the subject of things to look forward to during 2014.

Minxy: "Does Jamster really have to come to Kefalonia with us?"
Me: "Well yes, he is part of the family, don't be mean."
Minxy: "I'd rather have a vacation to heaven than go anywhere with that annoying brother!"

She has become such a diva!

Do you have a pre-teen drama queen? 

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  1. Oh she sounds a right diamond. Entertaining to say the least x

  2. Oh I so do! But the minute they're apart she's missing him and saying how cute he is!

    1. My two are the same :) love and hate relationship! x

  3. I'm sure I'll be glad I had boys one day ;-)

  4. I used to fight with my sister but we are best of friends now! She could have been looking at my car - I would need more than one bag!

    1. I'm the same and get on well with my siblings now... Despite the fights as a child! x

  5. Oh dear, I am fairly sure my wee girl will be bossy too! Mind you my 7yo boy can be just the same to his little brother as well :) wotsofunee

  6. Hehe, made me laugh - I have a bossy one too. She's not even three yet either! Heading over from Wot So Funee :)

  7. Thanks for linking up honey x

  8. I love the things my eleven year old says...I think I might have to start writing them down too!


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