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05 September 2013

The Perfect Seat

How often have we called our children to come to the living room to discuss something? Whether it be moral guideline, a recent event or a plan for the future. Countless times, I hear you say. More often than not, these ‘meetings’ if they can be called that, take place in the living room; thus we can conclude the living room is instrumental in the shaping of family affairs, and the home of vital discussions taking place.

It is on the sofa where we project our voices, and have our say in critical matters.

Thus choosing an aptly suited sofa is vital in the living room of families. Choosing the right sofa for the comfort in long discussions is key. You can choose any kind of sofa that you want at which suits your vision. My personal suggestion is that one arm chair is a must, so that there is the opportunity to relax alone (whether it be the mother or the father after a long day of work) after that, a corner sofa or three-seat sofa would be ideal for the other members of the family to explain, argue their case or to just enjoy a coffee and cuddle on!

A bespoke corner sofa at is what they specialise in. The placing of these sofas is also vital –  perpendicular to each other is best, so people can look eye to eye. This is essential during talks and debate, and so families should have extra consideration when picking sofas.

If an arm-chair and corner sofa can’t quite fit in your room – no matter. It can arranged to make that corner sofa slightly less wide, or the arm chair less wide; and all this at no significant extra cost. Pick the sofa that you want at today.

How important is the sofa in your home?

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  1. Ohh I would love a corner sofa....One day! lol

  2. This looks like such a comfy sofa! We actually own that picture in the background of the photo! haha ;) x


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