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06 September 2013

Foodie Friday - Currently Coveting

I've had the opportunity to try some lovely products over the past few weeks that have been ideal for the lazy days in the garden and picnics in the sunshine; two highlights of our summer. As the weather remains warm, even with Autumn on the horizon, it may be worth popping one of these in your shopping trolley to try too...

These were an instant hit with the Mini Mes as they are packed with flavour and for me they were a lovely treat that left me feeling a little nostalgic. The Sherbet Lemon, Orange and Lime was an overall favourite as the sweet yet sharp taste was perfectly balanced. I was pleasantly surprised that they were low in calories and I would happily take these for days out to share as the screw top lid made resealing the cartons easy. 

The packaging had some great puzzles to complete once the drink was consumed to keep everyone entertained too.

I'm not a big tea drinker but when I do have a mug it is more often than not Tetley and both camomile and peppermint tea are a great way to calm you down when the kids are driving you insane things are a little hectic. Naturally caffeine free, these are both a great option in the evening as they won't keep you up all night!

The peppermint version is ideal for after meals to aid digestion whereas the camomile should help you unwind and relax - I found that I actually prefer the peppermint version to original teabags.

Summer wouldn't be complete without cooling desserts and despite preferring rich chocolate flavours this is by far the best vanilla ice cream I've tried to date. It's thick and creamy and very easy to scoop into bowls or onto cones PLUS with only 125 calories per serving I didn't feel guilty indulging!

The Mr in particular is very fond of this and has even purchased more since our first tub was eaten. It was delicious with wild berries and some strawberries that we even managed to grow ourselves!

Not only are these great for lunch boxes but the individual triangles are ideal for those calorie counting like myself as they save time measuring out portions! I'm a big cheese fan and the flavour combinations of these were really nice on toast, crackers and even scooped up onto crisps. I found the flavour quite mild but you could still definitely identify the Emmental and Blue Cheese within them. It was nice that they weren't overpowering as the Mini Mes therefore appreciated them too.
I would definitely purchase these in the future.

The Chill Factor Squeeze Cup was a huge hit over the summer holiday as they transform every drink into slush helping to keep the little ones cool. We experimented with squash, fizzy drinks and even a few alcoholic beverages and found it worked every time, quickly and easily. The cup itself goes into the freezer and once frozen you can add your chosen drink, squeeze the cup and almost instantly can see the ice forming in your drink. Each comes with a reusable straw with a scooped end -  a great idea!

What food or drink would you recommend?

*We received the above products for the purpose of a review. The opinions given are honest and our own*


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