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31 October 2013

4 Of The Best Fondant Icing Christmas Cake Decoration Ideas

Christmas comes but once a year and there is something undeniably magical about it. Hanging the tinsel from the tree, late night shopping, mulled wine and those oh so shiny presents that sit perfectly wrapped in the living room all add up to make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas is also a time of cakes, puddings and pies of various descriptions and a lot of bakers, both serious and occasional, ramp up their output during the winter weeks. What’s great about any kind of Christmas cake, be it traditional fruit cake with marzipan and icing or festive cupcakes and tray bakes, is the opportunity to create beautiful Crimbo-themed decorations. To get you in the Christmas spirit here are four ideas for Christmas cake decorations made from fondant icing taken from

Why not bake this wonderful cupcake Christmas tree to share with friends and loved ones. The use of fondant icing here is straightforward, and the combination of green, red and yellow icing makes for a bold festive visual. This is a great choice for novices to the fondant icing scene as there isn’t a lot of fine detail work.

This snowflake Christmas cake will go down a treat on a cold winter evening with a hot cup of coffee. Applying that blue fondant icing so it’s perfectly smooth is trickier than you think. First, have a look at our guide on how to apply marzipan to a cake to get that part perfect. Then make sure you coat the marzipan with some cooled boiled water before applying the icing, this will help it stick. Use your hands to gently smooth out the icing, working out any bubbles or bumps.

Winter Wonderland
 If you’re making a traditional Christmas cake to enjoy with the family then why not craft a cute little Christmas scene on top of the cake. Using different coloured fondant icing and a bit of care it’s easy to create little people in bobble hats and scarfs, snowmen, Christmas trees and little presents which you can then arrange in a mini diorama right on top of the cake. The white icing of the cake will make the perfect snowy backdrop, and your only limit is your imagination.

Father Christmas Topper
This little project has to be at the top of everyone’s Christmas baking list. By using red, white, black and flesh coloured fondant icing you can make a jolly little Father Christmas to top off your cake. Make sure his belly is like a bowl full of jelly, and be sure to craft a sack with some presents and bows too if you’re up to the challenge. 

Will you be baking a Christmas cake?

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  1. Normally I make cookies, but this year I might actually try making a Snowflake Christmas Cake xx

  2. I like the Winter Wonderland idea, on top of the cake.

  3. love the father Christmas topper idea!

  4. Definitely be trying these


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