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31 October 2013

5 Walking Games For Kids

As the weather cools and the evenings darken earlier, the Mini Mes enthusiasm to walk the dog is somewhat dampened! But as I've mentioned before, our beautiful yet daft Border Collie still needs his exercise, so it's something we do come rain or shine. Plus we do actually love being outside as a family, it's just the initial transition from the warm house into the cold the children, and sometimes I, are not so keen on. 

I started to introduce some more games into our journeys to make it easier to part from the blankets and heating at home. It keeps the Mini Mes entertained, helps with their mental development and makes the walk feel a lot quicker for us all. 

The Shopping List game
Starting with "I went to the shop and I bought" you take it in turns to select an item you could purchase, working through each letter of the alphabet as you go. The idea is to recall all of the ones stated previously before adding on your own until someone can no longer recite the list. It's great for memory building and fun to hear which items are added on each round.
Sometimes we add a theme to the game too to make it a even more challenging.

I'd heard about geocaching some time ago but I didn't realise just how exciting it would be or how popular it had become until recently! For those that don't know, it's a bit like a treasure hunt. Using co-ordinates you find caches and sign the log book inside, some even have items you can take home with you to keep.
It's a great way to explore your local area and enjoy some time exploring the outdoors as a family. Plus it's free!
I decided to download the app myself to find out if there were any caches nearby and I discovered that there were plenty hidden away on our regular walks and in local parks. We now make the most of our walk and look for caches too - the Mini Mes LOVE this activity.

Once Upon A Time
This is a very easy game which involves story telling but it often leaves us giggling due to the extreme and completely random tales that we create. Each person takes it in turns to make up a part of a story, usually just a few sentences, and then the next person continues. What happens to the characters, which could be a princess, hamster or even a flying tortoise is completely up to you. 
This is great for developing imaginations.

Word Association
Somebody begins by selecting a word and the next person has just a few seconds to think of a word that relates to it. You are knocked out if your word is a repeat, you take too long to answer or if it isn't related. This game is all about speed!

What/Who Am I?
This is a game that we sometimes play at home too. Somebody thinks of an object or a person and everyone else takes it in turns to ask a question to try to determine what/who it is. The winner is who works it out quickest.
Simple yet a great way for children to learn about problem solving.

What games do you enjoy as a family?

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  1. We do the Shopping List game on the way to school, although it could start with something else, like, I went camping and I took.....And not necessarily starting with the next letter of the alphabet.

  2. Geocaching is something we love doing. But we've done most of the ones in our local area. So might start with the Shopping List game! xx


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