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23 October 2013

A New Tattoo

Fresh ink.

Just a few seconds after having it done last week.
I'd wanted a new tattoo for a while but I couldn't decide what to have. 
After scrolling through some designs I finally found one that I liked and I altered it to my own taste.

It's situated on my right wrist and represents loving life and living for the ones I love;
The Mr and the Mini Mes.



  1. Aw wow, I like this. Appeals to the nurse in me.

  2. Lovely that it has such significance - a wonderful sentiment xx

  3. Very cool tattoo. Never seen one like this before.

  4. Awesome tattoo! Haven't seen one like that before :)

  5. I really like it! I am not brave enough to get a tattoo.

  6. It's nice that it has a meaning rather than just being more ink.

  7. Very different, nice when you finally decide what you want. I've been thinking of getting another but can't decide where or what.


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