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24 October 2013

Watch Bake Create - Halloween

This week focuses on Halloween and we have:

Watched Hotel Transylvania
Baked Monster Sandwiches
Created Paper Pumpkins

Monster Sandwich

Cherry tomatoes
Cheestrings Spaghetti

Add your sandwich filling and slice the bread in two at an angle. Use strips of carrots for the eyebrows and teeth, ham for the tongue, cherry tomatoes for the eyes with the raisins as the pupils and Cheestrings Spaghetti as the hair. 
The sandwich itself isn't baked but you can make your own bread with ease or bake/grill the sandwich briefly to create a toastie.

We received some cheestrings goodies recently and the spaghetti style cheese was ideal for creating funny faces and food for Halloween! The new tomato and onion flavour cheestrings are delicious and we used them as witches fingers by adding an almond at the tip as a nail. 
Cheestrings have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are ideal for lunchboxes as they all come individually wrapped. They are also packed with calcium and Vitamin D so while having fun with food your children are also getting up to 25% of their recommended daily allowance of certain nutrients.

Basic bread recipe
700g strong white bread flour
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp yeasr
1 tsp caster sugar
400ml warm water

  • Combine all of the dry ingredients and then add the water gradually to form a soft dough
  • Knead for 5 minutes until elastic in texture, place in a lightly oiled bowl, cover and leave to rise for around 90 minutes until doubled in size
  • Knead again for 1 minute and place in a loaf tin
  • Bake for around 40 minutes until golden brown
  • Scoff!

Paper Pumpkins

Orange thin card/paper
Black paper

  • Divide your sheet of orange paper into equal strips of 3cm in thickness and cut them out.
  • Use the pencil to pierce each end of the strips, fan them out and add ribbon at each end to keep them in place
  • Using the black paper, cut out eyes and a mouth for the pumpkin and glue these on.

We were inspired to make this from the easy to follow tutorials provided by Country Baskets.
You can view their version here: Country Baskets Tutorial
It's a quick and simple activity and when hung from the windows or ceiling looks spoookkkyy- ideal for Halloween with little effort required.

Hotel Transylvania

Packed with (not very scary) monsters this movie has fast become a family favourite and makes an appearance any time of the year, not just Halloween!

Dracula has his own luxury hotel where humans are forbidden and one weekend while he celebrates his daughter turning 118 with the company of his closest friends; werewolves, Frankenstein and the Invisible Man he has a visitor he didn't expect... a man.

We all really enjoy the humour in this and the way the humans are feared rather than the monsters!

Next week the theme will be Halloween too!

What have you been making and baking for Halloween?

Feel free to add your own posts in the comments below and I'll pop over to visit!


  1. I love the Monster Sandwich and paper Pumpkin idea, shall have to give them a go with my Daughters. We love watching Hotel Transylvania even our almost 3yr old sits to watch it, well almost all of it

  2. Ooh could I have a monster sandwich please? Whilst watching Hotel Transylvania? :D

  3. Loving the monster sandwiches. We made some and watched some spooky Halloween themed cartoons. Sady I don't have Hotel Transylvania. Sounds great though so might invest in a copy before Thursday. Thanks for the post

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all - loving the paper pumpkins.

  5. That is one very cool sandwich. I have my 3 year old next to me and she agrees!

  6. I LOVE the monster sandwich, so funny! Will be trying the paper pumpkins too, always good to have crafty ideas to keep us occupied over half term!
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. lol i am loving the monster sandwich!! fantastic!

  9. WOW Thanks - some really great Halloween ideas for the big night! I think I am as excited as the kids now! Such a shame it doesn't last longer!

  10. Oh my goodness I love the ham tongue in the sandwich! :)

  11. I'm loving your monster sandwich.

  12. What a fantastic sandwich! :) Love the paper pumpkin too. We have seen Hotel Transylvannia - Ross and Grace loved it but I wasn't so keen! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo

    1. Hope to see you again next week lovely x

  13. Very creative # Looks like you will have a great Halloween!

  14. Oh wow! I have just seen these and im about to make my children's dinner, thank you for the idea they will be surprised! :)

  15. Love the monster sandwich - such a good idea

  16. Ooh, i wish I'd seen the paper pumpkins before halloween! My kids would love them. Next year!!

  17. I'm crazy about your monster sandwich

  18. we tried paper pumpkins and they were great. Thanks for the idea x

  19. Loving the Monster Sandwich. Perhaps you could try saying that granary bread would make the skin more realistic.

  20. amazing ideas for Halloween love them so much xxx

  21. Love those monster sandwiches they look great!

  22. I really enjoyed Hotel Transylvania :)
    I've never seen a paper pumpkin like this before. Definitely something to add to the decorations list for next year :) x

  23. Wow. Such fun. Any child would love this spookiness

  24. My boys are making these today!

  25. Yay, Monster sandwich - I want mine to look like that for my lunch.

  26. I thought the paper pumpkins were great will try them next halloween, the monster sandwich was good too.

  27. Love the Monster Sandwich idea!

  28. I love the monster sandwich, I try to vamp up the childrens sandwiches all the time - have not made a monster yet.

  29. Both the paper pumpkins and the monster sandwiches are great. Will be trying these with my LO at Halloween. It's hard to find crafts that are suitable for all ages but this is defiantly one of them ☺

  30. I love these ideas. Far too good to be kept for just halloween xx

  31. I love the Monster Sandwich idea, i will have to try it with my grandson

  32. Layla Thomas14/11/2015, 17:29

    Love the sandwhich, fab idea!


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