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29 October 2013

Half Term Humour

Half term has begun and with the stormy weather we haven't been inclined to venture out that far... bar to the shops for cake supplies, obviously.

The Mini Mes are little movie buffs like myself and the Mr so they are happy to snuggle up with the Sky remote to see what films are on demand....

Minxy: Can we watch this one?
Me: The Full Monty? Not really, it's filled with nude men!
Minxy: Yea, I know. I thought you would like it mum. *Raises eyebrows and starts laughing*

Oh dear! ...Casper it is then.

Have your children had any random requests?

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  1. ROFL!! That is super #funee1

  2. Oh, this made me chuckle :)

  3. Made me giggle even at this God Forsaken early hour during half term when I should still be asleep !

  4. Ha! Kids, you've got to love 'em ;)

  5. Uh-oh, they've got your number!


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