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14 October 2013

Homework and Haribo

At every opportunity possible the Mini Mes like to ensure their teachers know EXACTLY what sort of a mummy I am. They don't tend to mention all of the days out we enjoy as a family and all of the fun that we have with baking and crafts. Instead, they like to highlight the embarrassing moments and point out all of my faults. *Cringe*

Jamster has already made sure his teacher knows that I dance in my underwear and run around in my onesie and with this weeks homework he decided to share my love of sweets...

It's true, no treats are safe when I'm about!
I have a sweet tooth and Jamster knows it.

Do your children share things about you at school?

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  1. Fantastic! Dreading mine learning to write!

  2. That's just wonderful. My daughter, now 22, still likes to dig out her primary school homework books for a giggle. It appears that all she ever did was play Sonic the Hedgehog. It's not true, we did lots of things, but it's all she ever wrote about. Still, don't believe anyone when they say computer games are bad for children.

  3. Oh yes. She's never forgiven me for eating her Easter egg one year. I thought she'd left it in the kitchen because she didn't want it. I mean, how was I to know she was coming back for it?

  4. Ha! They're great kids, aren't they? They have an elephant's memory when it comes to embarrassing things that we do and I dread parents' evenings for that very reason... ;) Great post x

  5. Haha I love that! If I was a parent I can imagine eating all the haribo as well x

  6. hahaha! Brilliant!! My daughter came home from school with a drawing of me dancing on a table with a bottle of wine and just my bra on...No I haven't done that for about 15

  7. I have a weakness for Haribo Starmix. When my husband went on business trip to London (from US) this summer I was terribly wicked and hid the packet he brought back so I could eat it all myself!!

  8. I honestly hate to think what mine say about me sometimes... I think I'd rather not know :)

  9. lol lol lol there really are no secrets with children! lol

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  10. Hahahaha what a great post and no doubt my children do! Not that they've ever told me lol! #MagicMoments xx


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