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31 October 2013


The Mini Mes and I always love to review new products but over the past year we have acquired quite a collection of toys and games that are threatening to overload our humble abode. With Christmas just around the corner, and the collection set to expand, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands – I'm thinking about creating a play room!

We have a large dining room, which is only used for an hour each day, that would be ideal to transform. I hate to see such a valuable space go to waste, so it seems stupid that the kid’s bedrooms are fit to burst when they could just house their toys downstairs. 

Our dining room table is in very good condition but that is to be expected really, considering it has only been used a handful of times. I’m thinking about keeping that in place but listing a few other items we no longer need in the room for sale on eBay – I might as well try to get some cash for it which would help with Christmas purchases.

Plain walls are a no-no when it comes to a play room. The room should be a welcoming space where your child will feel inspired to play and be creative. While I still want to achieve this, I don’t want a room filled with garish colours that will completely ruin my interior design plan. So I will split the room into two sections.

I’ve been looking for ways to subtly make the room more child friendly. Stencils seem to be an effective, easy-to-do option. I have found some great letter stencils at Stencil Warehouse. They will clearly define the space, as well as making the kids feel special without making it unsuitable for meal time.

The Mini Mes love getting creative, but there is only so much space on the fridge to display their masterpieces. That’s why the playroom will be their own mini gallery. I’ll frame a few of their best drawings and painting, but also make Blu-tack readily available so they can hang some of their latest creations too if they wish.

Storage is key in this room. I’ve seen some coloured plastic drawers on casters that will be great for organising all of their toys. I’ll make sure the kids go through and sort out what they want and what they don’t want beforehand to avoid cluttering up the playroom too!

How would you create the perfect play room?

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  1. Ohh that sounds like a fantastic idea....
    Of course it has to be bright and agree plain walls are definitely a no-no!
    Good luck x


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