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28 November 2013

Chocolate. It's All Mine.

What's yours is mine and what's mine is... mine. When it comes to chocolate at least. 
I'm so used to sharing with the Mini Mes a little of everything I have whether it's food, drinks, blankets and of course money (or even toilet breaks), having the odd moment of selfishness is OK. I think. 

I've picked up a few pointers over the years when it comes to those tiny, yet significant, moments of indulgence which were really useful when a delivery of scrumptious treats arrived from Tesco. Their Milk Chocolate Gingerbread Stars and Chokablok Christmas Pudding tree are created by the same chocolatiers as those behind Harrods and Hotel Chocolat products and I wanted them in my tummy, just this once, without sharing. 

Top Tips for Scoffing All of the Chocolate 
  • Only buy your chocolate when alone unless it arrives at your door, then you need to keep the packaging completely sealed until everyone is asleep. Patience really is a virtue. Even if it means staying up for hours to hide your goodies from your gingerbread and raisin-loving boyfriend. That's normal behaviour. Honest.
  • Hide it. Hide it well. They will look for it like sniffer dogs on a drugs raid and they will find it and they will eat it. Be sneaky and use your height to your advantage, children can't reach on top of cupboards or smell it as easily up there! If you are short you can grab a chair and pretend to be dusting or you can learn how to juggle it into a safe position.
  • If anyone asks, there is no chocolate and there never was any chocolate. In fact you don't even know what chocolate is! Alternatively if they have found evidence in the form of crumbs or wrappers (your family could actually be members of the CIA at this point with their detective skills) try saying 'It fell into my mouth' as that removes any possible feelings of guilt. That or reminding the kids and your partner what you are like without 'my precious' caffeine supply (think Gollum with that ring) should do the trick. 
  • Be wise when making your selection. They don't like dark chocolate? Unlucky! Less to share, more for me! *Evil cackle*

I finally got my hands on it and it felt good. 

The box of stars was beautifully presented with tissue paper inside and the 8 chunky, and nicely decorated chocolates, were lovely in taste. They had swirls of white chocolate on top and the biscuit and ginger crumble added some texture and even more flavour. I really enjoyed these and I would certainly pick up a few as stocking fillers for family at just £4.

The Chokablok tree was next to be devoured. The chocolate was thick and it took some force to snap off a branch (although most was just rammed into my face) and it was packed with plump raisins. The golden wafer on top gave a festive feel and it really did taste of Christmas pudding! Thumbs up.

What will you be scoffing this December?

*We I received chocolate from Tesco for the purpose of this review, the opinions given are honest and my own. Nobody else got to try them so they have no opinions to give!*



  1. hahaha I love this its just made me really laugh great post x

  2. I quite fancy a gooey chocolate pud, right now!

  3. I want to eat these right now!!! . There are on my shopping list for tomorrow lol

  4. Amusing, I love chocolate but am going to do my best to not eat too much this Xmas

    1. I always say that... And it never happens ;) Good luck x

  5. The milk chocolate gingerbread stars look incredible. Just like Lebkuchen which is my ultimate Christmas treat! You could always do what I do in terms of chocolate: I hide it, claim I'm eating healthy and therefore won't be buying any chocolate in then as soon as people leave the house scoff as much as possible. This is normal behaviour isn't it?! xx

  6. I do love Chokablok - I love the one with gold on it!

  7. looks yummy, I need to get to tesco

  8. I wish I had seen this funny and honest review before Christmas and I would have bought the delicious chocolate. Next year.

  9. great post i will be laughing all day now


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