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28 November 2013

Sweet Dreams?

Sleep is something that we all require to function properly and when we don't get enough, for one reason or another, we can end up feeling a little grumpy! Although we may relax before bed in various ways there are other factors that can affect our night and only 10% of us actually manage to get completely undisturbed sleep.

It would appear that I'm not alone when it comes to the issue of snoring; the Mr keeps me awake for hours at times which drives me insane! On the other hand I do hog the covers and fidget terribly, the second and third most annoying sleep habits, which sometimes wakes him so I can't really complain. 
Luckily it has never resulted in arguments and being kicked out onto the sofa though, unlike 27%...

Do you feel as though you get enough sleep?

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  1. This was interesting! I don't get enough sleep but if I read before bed I find I sleep better without waking up!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Mummy, fashion & lifestyle blog

  2. I've always had trouble sleeping. Recently I've downloaded a few apps containing what's known as the alpha wave. The frequencies of the wave helps you get to sleep for longer and deeper. I'd highly recommend looking into it if you have problems sleeping! xx

  3. i have a trouble sleeping and found this review has helped

  4. I never get enough sleep - mainly ever since I had children!

  5. This is such an interesting read!! I get about 6-7hours a night....although it feels like 2 or 3! I have a three year old who tends to wake every night at approx 4am and that disruption really has an effect on me! Gone are the days of sleeping until 9am....😴


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