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12 November 2013

Corner Sofa Comfort

A Sofa is a high end product so it’s not something you buy impulsively overnight; it’s something that requires a lot of consideration and thought. One thing you will need to think about is the material of the sofa; should you opt for a leather corner sofa or a fabric corner sofa. Depending on different considerations such as budget, lifestyle and the design of your home, you’ll need to think carefully as to what material to choose.

Fabric Corner Sofa 

When choosing new a sofa, design is very important, however the sofa also needs to be functional and provide exactly what you require. Having a top of the range sofa that looks good but isn’t functional isn’t value for money!
Fabric sofas are generally more comfortable to sit on, they usually are a lot cheaper too and therefore fit in ideally with most people’s budgets - although fabric isn’t always as reliable as leather. If you have a family with kids running around and accidents waiting to happen, then fabric isn’t the best option even though they usually have a cover that can be removed and washed with ease. 

One advantage of fabric sofas is that they are available in a much wider range of colours and designs.  

Leather Corner Sofas 

Leather Corner Sofas have been a popular choice during the last 10 years, known for the classy and sleek look. However, leather sofas are usually more expensive and for people on a tight budget, it can be hard. A leather sofa fits in with most interior design, adding a sophisticated and elegant look, even though they can be a little cold in winter! In terms of maintenance, leather sofas are really easy to care for and they are very durable making them perfect for those of us with kids, where spills and stains are common.

What do you think of Corner Suites?

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*Guest Post*


  1. I love corner sofas. I wish I had a big enough front room for one! x

  2. yes british houses just aren't built for corner suites!

  3. I like them but think because they are so large they are limiting - meaning you can't change the layout of your sitting room easily.

  4. my living room is massive I would love a corner sofa!

  5. we got our corner sofa 4 years ago, it is a chaise sofa w a sofa-bed from DFS and it is my favourite bit of furniture in our front room.


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