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12 November 2013

The Cost of Going Back to School

Kitting the kids out for school over the summer can be an expensive ordeal and quite often by half term things need replacing so you can find yourself forking out money yet again!

 I'm lucky that so far nothing is broken, ripped or missing, and therefore I don't need to purchase new stationery or uniform, but some extra costs have popped up already since the beginning of the school year.

Minxy will soon be going swimming - she will need a swimming bag, new costume and cap to wear.
Jamster will soon be doing outdoor activities - he will need jogging bottoms to replace his shorts.
Minxy is playing the cello again and any damage could cost me up to £400, hopefully she will take good care of it as she normally does, although accidents do happen!
Jamster is getting more and more homework and could do with a tablet or laptop for his research.

Although we don't pay for education all of these little thing still add up and no doubt they will both have a growth spurt just after Christmas and school shoes plus plimsolls will need buying! I also have the cost of school trips and cake baking this Friday, which could be classed as optional, but I don't want the Mini Mes to miss out so it's just another expense that needs paying. There is a lot of pressure on parents to provide and although I don't personally struggle financially there are families that do.

BrightHouse surveyed over 3000 parents with children of Primary, Secondary and College age to see how much they spent on going back to school. You can view the interactive animation with all off the findings here:

As children get older it would appear that it generally costs more for them to go to school with the average spend on a primary aged child being £140, on a secondary aged child being £250 and a college aged child being £325.

How do you feel about the costs of going to school?

*In collaboration with BrightHouse*


  1. School is expensive - our school is always asking for money for this and that, trips away etc. Adding this to uniform and equipment - it costs a fortune. I try sometimes to buy second-hand uniform if I can. ASDA also do uniform at a reasonable cost.

  2. yes i only ever get supermarket uniforms (except for the jumper). trips etc soon add up. luckily my son is very easy going and never pressures us for this and that but i'm sure that will change as he gets older.

  3. School is really expensive i am fed up with having to get different fancy dress costumes every week and then there are trips baking cakes i am hoping it gets better but I have a feeling its going to get worse!

  4. We have also done okay this far into our first year at school, but I was talking to some mums at pick up today who said their clothes are being ruined by the pens and paint used in the school. It sounds like an unnecessary cost to replace clothes for the sake of washable art materials.


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