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19 November 2013

Decorating Children's Bedrooms

Our house has always been a bit of a project in need of some work and I long for the day when I can curl up on a beautiful corner suite, look at freshly wallpapered rooms with thick pile carpet beneath my toes knowing that there is nothing else left to do. A day where it is complete and my house becomes a home.
The central heating has been installed and ticked off the never ending to do list, the bathroom and kitchens are scheduled in for replacement too so now I've begun to really think about how I can make the Mini Mes' bedrooms magical!

The bed is the most important aspect of any bedroom and it is usually the focal point too. I adore these playhouse style beds from Elite Carpentry and I'm saving my pennies up to purchase them. They are great quality and help little ones to be imaginative through play as well as being a stunning and comfortable place to dream the night away.

The one on the left for Jamster reminds me of our holiday at Feather Down Farm - he loved the bed there!

The Mini Mes often have friends around and Minxy in particular likes to put a movie or some music on to entertain her guests so a sofabed would be ideal; somewhere to sit and relax that can fold out with ease for sleepovers! This one in black is slimline so it doesn't take up much space and it is a piece of furniture that will match the style of her room as it changes with her taste over the years to come.

Jamster would appreciate a selection of bean bags for reading in comfort and as a place to sit while playing on his games console. I can imagine him having great fun diving into them too as he is quite an acrobat at times!

Minxy has quite a long narrow room so ensuring there is plenty of light will help to give an illusion of depth. Mirrors work in a similar way and being a tween these will double up as a place for her to pose while practising her make up I'm certain. Novelty lights are always a hit and I will be purchasing a variety of lava, fibre optic and plasma lamps in the near future. I may treat myself to a new one too!

The finishing touches are not to be forgotten and having matching storage solutions, curtains and rugs is essential plus good duvet sets and pillows too. Wall art is a favourite of mine as are framed prints and I really can't wait to get started on creating something spectacular!

What would your child's perfect bedroom be like?

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  1. That boys bed is amazing I would love to have one each for both of my boys!

  2. I blogged about mine recently, I love the beds you showed they are gorgeous!

  3. Really love the boys and the girls room! I really love lava lamps.

  4. Those beds are amazing! My son's perfect bedroom would have Thomas and Friends wallpaper and he would probably want a Thomas bed if we could find one!

  5. I wouldn't like to choose for them but their room would be painted a soft shade of pink, would have lots of storage and might have a lava lamp.

  6. those beds are amazing! if only I was richer

  7. I absolutely love those beds

  8. I love both rooms. Pretty soon we'll be moving in the new year a but the son and daughter will share a room as they are still quite small. Its a challenge to find a gender neutral room ideas that they will both enjoy.

  9. Really beautiful !!!! Consider allotting the largest bedroom in the house as the children’s bedroom. You only spend a part of your day in your bedroom, but for a kid it’s so much more. Having a large bedroom will ensure enough space for all their toys and an orderly room. But if you are lucky enough to have a playroom, you might just be able to enjoy that spacious bedroom!

  10. I think decorating kids room is very difficult job but you post have made it easy, thanks for sharing this amazing ideas i will use it to decorate my kids room.


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