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19 November 2013

Make-Believe Magic

I'm fairly sure that Minxy is no longer a believer *sob*. She has doubted Santa for a few years but if it works in her favour she is happy to play along!

She is hoping Father Christmas brings her some rather pricey gifts...

...she gets more and more like me every day with her expensive taste.

I'm glad she has mentioned the return of the Elf on the Shelf, it reminds me that although my beautiful tween is growing up she still appreciates the build up to the big day and that she is still a little girl at heart.
I'm really looking forward to dusting him off for some festive fun.

I also liked the fact that she added a comment about her being good 'most of the time'.
She is unbelievably honest!

Apparently she is only ever naughty if someone has irritated her though. Hmmm.

Do your children still believe?

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  1. One of my kids believes and the other doesn't, so it's quite a balancing act. The older one does like to be in on it though.

  2. aww this is cute I love that she wants some quite big things both of my boys believe but they're only two and three, my mum used to tell me if I didn't believe then I wouldn't get anything at all!

  3. Oh my goodness, she really does have expensive taste! What on earth are you going to do?


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