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13 November 2013

Winter Walks and Wellies - Outdoor Activities for Kids

Winter is well underway and unfortunately that means the bikinis and deck chairs are back in storage for a few months, unless you want frostbite, BUT it does see the return of wonderful wintry walks. 

Kicking about in leaves, splashing in puddles and having fun with ice and snow is what this time of year is all about - I love it!

Hit the slopes
Apart from sledding there are lots of alternative ways to enjoy the snow. You can begin skiing from around 3 years of age and you don't have to be much older to give snowboarding a go. Tubing (riding inflatable rings) is great fun too and can be enjoyed by young and old - we will be visiting our local Snozone for some lessons before Christmas as a family.

Snow play
Building snowmen and throwing snowballs are pretty standard activities in the cold so try something a little different this year. Creating ice decorations, making igloos, forming ice marbles and painting the snow in colour are just a few ideas.

Animal tracking
This is something that can be done all year round but animal tracks are a lot easier to spot when there is mud and frost on the ground. Educate little ones by getting them to identify which creature they came from and you can always look to the sky for some bird watching now the robins will be out in full force.

Again this is an activity you can take part in at any time but when it's cold and the little ones may not want to venture outside this will definitely help get them moving! It's similar to a treasure hunt on a much larger scale - don't forget your camera for some picturesque photo opportunities while you walk.

Scavenger hunts
Pop on your coat, gloves and wellies, make a list of seasonal seeds and plants and collect them while exploring your local forests. You can then take them home to make leaf prints and crowns and even some cute little hedgehogs with pine cones!

Elf and fairy houses
You can transform your existing plant pots into homes for elves and fairies with just a few pebbles and lollipop sticks or you can make the most of the fallen twigs and greenery by designing caves for your imaginary friends. A lovely creative play idea.

 Whatever you are planning to do until Spring arrives, having reliable footwear is essential. Jelly Egg have a lovely selection of wellies and boots in particular that are perfect for the colder weather - to keep little and big feet dry!

What outdoor activities do you enjoy?

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  1. some great ideas I am absolutely loving that picture its beautiful x

  2. Scavenger hunts are great fun. Make a list of things to find and tick them off.

  3. What a beautiful photograph of a winter scene.

  4. Really good ideas! x

  5. Snuggling with hot chocolates and a blanket with Christmas movies! :)


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