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19 December 2013

3 Fun Pool Activities For Families

There’s an autumnal nip in the air, and although the weather may not always be on our side, there is still one family activity that can be always be enjoyed: swimming. The country is full of local pools that you and your family can visit, whatever’s happening outside.

While a simple web search can direct you to your nearest pool, a much easier way is using Nectar’s new swimming offering Nectar Swim. Simply put in your postcode and a list of local pools in your surrounding area will appear. For those who collect points, the swim programme also allows you to redeem for emailed vouchers to use at your local participating swimming pool, opening up a whole world of water-based fun for you and your family. Before enjoying any of our suggestions, please do make sure that children are supervised at all times in and around any pool area.

Once at the pool, your family will find any of these three water games great fun:

  • Bobbing heads – To play bobbing heads all you need is a soft foam or rubber ball. One person is designated ‘it’ and is given the ball. The other players move a distance away and submerge, popping their heads out of the water at irregular intervals. ‘It’ has to hit one of the other players on the head with the ball while their head is above the surface. If a player is hit then that player becomes ‘it’. Any number of players can join in and the game can continue as long as everyone remains interested. You can also vary the game by having those who are hit join ‘it’ with extra balls. The winner of the game is the one who is the last to be hit.
  • Dolphin race – This race game can be played individually or in relay teams. The object is for players to stand in the water on one side of the pool and, on the starting signal, to move a beach ball to the other side of the pool using only their noses. The winner is the first to get the ball to the other side or, in the case of a relay, to get the ball across the pool as many times as there are members in the team. Anyone using a part of the body other than their nose has to start again.
  • Whirlpool – This is a simple game that requires no equipment and everyone is happy because there are no winners or losers. This is how it’s played. Everyone in the group joins hands in the shallow end of the pool and then starts to walk clockwise in a circle around a given point. Gradually, everyone starts to walk faster until they are running as fast as possible. Then, on a given signal, everyone turns and tries to go in the opposite direction. It’s practically impossible, as the current created is so strong. Most will slip and fall as they struggle to move the other way, creating a melee that is hilarious to watch – and be part of.

These games will keep your family happily occupied for hours but remember to stay safe and don’t forget that there are other people in the pool who want to have some fun too, so try not to interfere with their enjoyment. And make sure to follow the rules of the pool, as they are intended for the benefit of everyone.

Have fun in the water this autumn using your Nectar points, and don’t forget to check out Nectar Swim – which can cost as little as 300 points for a child ticket.

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