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20 December 2013

5 Ways to Turn Your Photos into Art

Photographs shouldn’t languish in unclicked Facebook galleries or in forgotten folders on your desktop. It’s time to show off your snaps and keep your treasured memories alive and kicking. If you’re looking for creative ways to display your favourite pictures, we’ve come up with 5 fun ideas to help you turn your photos into your very own works of art:

Think Big
You may not be David Bailey or Annie Liebovitz, but your pictures are just as deserving of a little gallery attention. Professional photo printers PhotoBox will turn your personal pics into big, beautiful artworks, ready to adorn your walls. Print on canvas for a textured, arty feel or choose acrylic for a contemporary, pop art look. For a bolder style, create big, high quality posters from your photos or, for a sleeker option, print onto slim aluminium to give your photographs the attention they deserve.

A Year in Pictures
With Christmas and New Year terrifyingly close around the corner again, it’s time to invest in those all-important yearly calendars. Instead of an ironic Cliff Richard version or another twelve months of Jack Vettriano prints, why not use your own art to cheer everyone up each time Monday rolls back around? Choose great images from last year to brighten up your months, or just choose the cutest pictures of your pet pug to make April, June and November as adorable as possible for your friends and family. It’s totally up to you.

Cutting & Sticking
Every art lover likes to get a bit sticky sometimes. To turn your everyday photographs into great, graphic works of art, it’s time to be a bit crafty and get collaging. You can take inspiration from anywhere you like, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, David Hockney or David March. We’ve found that slicing similar photos taken at just one occasion into strips, then sticking them all together to create an arty tableau is really effective.

If you’re a technical whizz, why not complete all this on the PC and then order a pile of prints? Alternatively, scan your finished masterpiece in by hand and have PhotoBox turn it into a big and brilliantly bold canvas for your home.

The Coffee Table Treatment
Give your photographs the coffee table treatment and compile your images in a beautiful printed book. Unlike a photo album, printed photobooks look slick, professional and impressive, giving your photographs a real artistic feel.

Totally Vogue
Create eye-catching prints for t-shirts, bags and more using your favourite photographs. Digital printing allows you to use your artistic shots to make striking graphic prints perfect for accessorising your latest look.

Feeling snap happy? Spend your Nectar Points on PhotoBox goodies to turn your treasured photographs into special works of art.

Have you turned your photos into art?

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