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10 December 2013

Compliments from Kids

Fast approaching my 30's I don't tend to receive that many compliments anymore, so the ones I do get generally leave me in denial or make me feel amazing for days!

The Mini Mes are little angels when it comes to making me feel special, it comes naturally to them, but I'm not quite sure they have completely grasped the concept of compliments just yet.

While heading out of the door for the morning school run...

Jamster: Ooo you smell lovely today mum.
Me: Aww thank you, that's very kind.
Jamster: That perfume you wore yesterday stunk.

When collecting the Mini Mes after school in my new winter footwear...

Minxy: Witwoo mum! 
Me: Thank you, do you like them?
Minxy: Those boots make you look really tall and skinny like a huge giant.

Errm, thanks, I think!

Do your kids 'compliment' you?

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