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03 December 2013

Elf on the Shelf Daily #3

Our elf decided to clamber up onto the cupboards today for some felt tip and tissue action above the Christmas tree!

The Mini Mes have been counting down the days since some time back in November but the days seem to be zooming by now with only 22 sleeps to go.

I'm feeling festive.

I'll be posting daily updates during our elf's visit and if you have an elf for December feel free to link up your posts below. It might help to give others some ideas.
If you want to comment on a few others that would be great.



  1. Great use of the toilet roll Missus!!!! Where did the Elf on the Shelf come from? NEVER heard of it before this year and now it is everywhere. But I missed the boat and haven't got one xxx

  2. Very creative and makes me smile.

  3. oooo I didn't realise you were doing a linky - will find one of my posts to link up xx


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