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03 December 2013

What Do Your Children REALLY Think About You?

A video popped up in my news feed the other day and it left me wondering what the Mini Mes really thought about me as a parent. Like the mums in the video I always focus on my negative points and the things I need to improve on, but I was pleasantly surprised by their responses when I asked them... even if they were quite random!

Jamster "You are kind, generous, epic and definitely not evil."

Minxy "Hmmm you are definitely chatty and loud! Intelligent, responsible. Sometimes you are a hard worker but sometimes not. You are expensive that's for sure."

Can you tell Jamster likes his Marvel movies? Epic and evil are his current favourite words and his teacher even pointed that out at parents evening!
I really love that they picked out some of my positive points. I do try to be kind and generous as much as possible and them mentioning that makes me feel appreciated.
I may have even gone a little bit mushy inside when they said that!

I do have quite a large mouth and I'm used to facial expressions featuring wide eyes, especially when I'm attempting to sing and dance at 7.30am before school. Oops.
I wouldn't say being talkative is a negative thing though really. I'm just friendly.

I'm happy with that.

What would your children say about you?

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  1. I love that you're definitely not evil! I suspect my kids would also use the word epic and probably talk about baking... I will have to ask them :) #wotsofunee

  2. I love the description of definitely not evil! I may have to ask mine what they think

  3. What I love most is that they think you're expensive!


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