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02 December 2013

Peanut Butter Cookies... without peanuts!

It looks like peanut butter, it smells like peanut butter and it even tastes like peanut butter but it is completely nut free! WOW Butter is an amazing alternative for those with allergies, and as the jars come with stickers for lunch boxes the Mini Mes can take it to school in their sandwiches without risk of them being confiscated!

I decided to have a go at baking with some and I opted for some cookies, to begin.

100g plain flour
30g caster sugar
70g WOW Butter
50g butter
1 egg yolk

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and line a baking tray
Combine all of the ingredients together in a bowl to form a soft dough
Divide the dough into 12 balls, put them onto the baking tray, and flatten slightly 
Bake for 10-12 minutes until golden
Allow to cool

WOW Butter, a toasted soy spread, is Gluten and nut free.
If I didn't know I would assume it was peanut butter as it is similar in every way making it a great replacement.

Will you be giving WOW Butter a go?



  1. I'd like to get some WOW butter to make biscuits for school.

  2. Ooh these look lush,where can I find Wow butter? X

  3. There aren't enough nice recipes with peanut butter.

  4. Can't believe these are so easy to make and they look so yummy! Thanks x

  5. Can't believe these are so easy to make and they look so yummy! Thanks x

  6. Wowbutter sounds interesting, I'll look out for it, thanks - Jodie Cook

  7. Just love Peanut Butter x think i'll have to give this recipe a go x


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