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07 December 2013

The Imperfect Perfect Christmas

Even after weeks, if not months, of organising and preparing everything for the fat man in red's arrival something is bound to go wrong. But I've learnt over the years that Christmas Day doesn't need to run smoothly to be perfect. It's actually those imperfect moments that make it extra magical and memorable for us all!

  • The kids waking at 5am with excitement which ruins the lie in that you had literally prayed for
  • The random present that you really hadn't expected (or wanted)
  • The gift you spent a small fortune on being ignored in favour of the cardboard box that it came in
  • The duplicate DVD
  • The card you receive that still has the price sticker on
  • The parcel without a tag - you have no idea who it is for or who it is from
  • The pets getting lost under the wrapping paper
  • The camera running out of memory at that critical second
  • The cringe worthy jokes in the crackers that don't bang and the hats that always rip
  • The deck chair at the table as there wasn't quite enough room for everyone
  • Opening the tub of chocolates to find your favourites have already been eaten
  • Drunken dad asleep on the sofa while watching Flash Gordon for the umpteenth time
  • The itchy novelty jumpers that your Gran has spent months knitting for you to put at the back of your wardrobe before popping in a charity bag during January
  • The huge turkey that could quite easily last until Easter despite you thinking it wouldn't be big enough
  • The dessert not defrosting in time or the forgotten cream
  • Grandparents having a few too many glasses of sherry and telling you their life story
  • The board games that only come out once a year
  • Eating so much dinner that there is no room to eat the expensive finest foods you bought for tea

This is what makes the perfect Christmas for me.

As long as you have loved ones nearby to share the day with and you are happy that is all that matters. 
You can laugh about the screws and cable ties securing the toys in so well that you can't release them without a hacksaw or the batteries you didn't remember to buy, together.

My oven is about to die and this is the first year I will be hosting - typical!
I won't worry about the huge delay it may cause when it comes to serving everything on time as I know everyone will appreciate my cooking regardless.

I actually look forward to the mishaps as they make the day even more special.

Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Argos 12 Days of Christmas competition.

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