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09 December 2013

The Perfect Wedding

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding, right? Well I certainly do and I know exactly how I want my big day to be, as and when it happens. From the venue and dress right down to the favours and table decorations I have my heart set on a theme that is truly beautiful.

Pink is a favourite colour of mine, if you hadn't already noticed, so my wedding would feature this with peach and lilac too. Pretty pastel shades.

For the flowers...

For the cake...

and for the centre pieces (bar the frames)...

I think this is such a stunning dress. I love everything about it especially the neck line and detailing.
I may need to lose a few pounds to squeeze into it but I would feel like a princess in this or something very similar.

When it comes to the entertainment and food these certainly can't be forgotten as apart from your vows keeping your guests happy is an important part of your day. You don't want them falling asleep during your first dance!

My menu would include antipasti to begin with a variety of breads, meats, olives and cheese where everyone can just tuck in. Food and weddings bring people together and these platters would help to do so even more.

Main would be a traditional roast lamb with rosemary crust, mint sauce, chunky potatoes and lots of vegetables including honey glazed carrots. My favourite.

Dessert would be chocolate torte and plenty of fresh fruit.
I'd also have a chocolate fountain nearby and a pick n mix table packed with sweet treats.

My Wedding Menu

I hope one day my dream comes true and I get the wedding I long for but until then I'll let my imagination run wild when my head hits the pillow each night.

What would your perfect wedding include?

This is my entry into the Stanley House wedding menu competition. Find out more at:



  1. That's a gorgeous dress and bouquet. Good taste.

  2. Good Luck! My dress was similar to that x

  3. Good Luck! My dress was similar to that x

  4. I too have nearly every detail of my wedding planned out in my head. Just need to find someone to want to marry me now! :/ xx

    1. Aww I hope your knight in shining armour makes an appearance soon x

  5. They have a great bar and bartender! They kept the guests happy and kept the drinks flowing. If I could attend this place again, I would!


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