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13 December 2013

What do you get the Woman who has Everything?!

Shopping for females is a difficult task at the best of times, but most of us seem to be familiar with a particular ‘type’ of female recipient – aka the woman who has everything. You know the type – she’s the one who shows you a wrist full of bracelets when you suggest jewellery, or a wardrobe brimming to breaking point when you suggest shoes or clothes. And gadgets, food or stuff for her home? She’s got it all, of course.

We’ve attempted to compile a list of the best way to approach shopping for the miss-has-it-all in your life, so that you can put a smile on her face, and something new into her life.

Think outside the box
Possibly the best thing you can do is to use your imagination when it comes to choosing her a gift, and don’t be afraid to get creative. The idea is to think about buying her something she would not usually choose to by herself – not because she doesn’t like it, but because she hadn’t thought of it!

Go for something personalised
Personalisation instantly makes any gift...well...personal! Therefore, chances are it will be completely unique and special to her. Sites like Getting Personal offer the chance to personalise lots of different items, such as compact mirrors, wine glasses and journals, along with other xmas ideas for her, and any other occasion that may pop up. 

Opt for an experience day
If you’re struggling to find her a physical present, why not give her a day or night to remember instead? Experience days are really popular, and they are a great idea, especially if you’re looking for something different. You can literally find any experience days to suit any tastes and interests, such as flying lessons, cocktail master classes and pamper days.

Give her the opportunity to learn a new skill
If she prides herself on having lots of fantastic skills, such as speaking foreign languages or playing a musical instrument, why not help her learn a new one? Think about the stuff she’s into and then think of something that is related to it. For example, if she speaks Spanish, why not book her a course of French lessons, and then in no time, she’ll be talking her way round Europe! That’s a great way to give your special lady something new, and depending on the holiday, you could even pick an associated theme. For example, for a Christmas gift, why not go for ice skating lessons?

Consider a monthly subscription gift
Monthly subscriptions are a great gift as they provide the recipient with a present each month for a determined amount of time. You could go for anything from movie or magazine subscriptions, to something a little more different. You could sign her up for monthly wines, flowers, chocolates or even monthly healthy snacks, if she’s into health and fitness. She’ll no doubt love keeping you up to date with her latest arrival every month.

What are you hoping to receive this Christmas?

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