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16 December 2013

Where Do You Hide The Presents?

When it comes to hiding Christmas presents it's probably easier to list where they aren't hidden rather than where they are. They are EVERYWHERE!! They arrive in dribs and drabs from around October and I tend to pop them away in one place, until it's filled, before moving on to the next location. This is the reason why I always find little extra gifts I had forgotten about when storing birthday presents away come March.... Ooops.

They are stacked top to bottom in my wardrobe so some of my clothes end up discreetly piled in the corner of my bedroom until January...

in my drawers...

on top of cupboards...

under the bed...

...and in the spider filled area under the stairs where the children definitely won't look - it's far too scary to even take a photo! 

When the Mini Mes were younger I even remember hiding boxes under their beds, somewhere they would never look as that would involve tidying their rooms! They are far to inquisitive for that these days though. Larger items go in the shed or attic and some boxes even remain in the open wrapped in layers of tape to keep prying eyes at bay. If things aren't hidden the kids are generally not even that bothered by them!

As yet nothing has been discovered... not that I know of anyway.

Where do you hide gifts?

This post is my entry into the Hudl Christmas cheer competition



  1. In the top of my wardrobe, the top of hubby's, and in the drawer under my bed! Which the bedside unit is against so my son can't get in...

  2. Haha bet the TNMT is liking being tucked up in your lingerie :D We usually shove everything on top of cupboards or in wardrobes. Then sometimes forget where we've put it!

    1. Sounds like me with the forgetting where things are! As long as they don't go trying my things on ;) x

  3. I have a box under the bed I put presents in but then I don't have to buy loads atm.


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