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07 January 2014

Moves Like Jagger

My little tween is often found hidden away in her room with arts and crafts spread across her desk and tunes blaring while she sings and stamps away like an elephant.  I thought a karaoke machine was the perfect present for her so I purchased one and popped it away for Christmas. 

After unwrapping her Blingles, Gelarti, a Kindle Fire and a few other bits and pieces she was thrilled to see the pink system complete with several discs of the latest pop songs to dance away to; it was the first thing she unpacked and set up!

She has called me upstairs several times to sing along to Britney and William followed by some Michael Jackson but she didn't want to get involved herself while I was present. The only time I was allowed to hear her was through her bedroom door.

I decided to try and catch her having a boogie but I was discovered every time. 
Well, that was until...

... I think she gets her moves from my dad. Check him out on New Years Eve:

Do your kids like to dance?

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  1. what lovely memories to look back on, we need a monthly update. Had a laugh at your dad as well

  2. Brilliant - What a fab gift! My little one loves to dance, hopefully she won't take after her Mum, I have two left feet :D

  3. A wonderful present. My girls love to sing and dance.

  4. My girls got one of these too to share! They love it!

  5. Oh naughty Mummy! Wait till she sees what you put on the blog! ;)

    1. She does know! I did seek permission ;) Now that would be naughty not to lol x

  6. What a great present!! She has the moves...hehehe

  7. :-) She will thank you so much for that in years to come!! lol

  8. Fab post - loving the dance moves. Lucas loves to dance. His favourite is currently Katy Perry's ROAR aka the sexy lady song!!!! #funee

  9. LOL - that gift scares me a bit though... mine is loud enough without being amplified! #funee

  10. Think I'll try this for my neices both days this weekend usually just buy them but they are not that tasty from a packet this sounds delicious ep with chocolate filling xx


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