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06 January 2014

Time For A Tummy Tuck?

For those people who want a tummy tuck, there are two types of surgeries to consider. If you are looking to remove excess fat and tighten the muscles, then the full tummy tuck is the most suitable option. However, for those who have undergone dramatic weight loss and would like to remove the excess skin left behind, then a mini tummy tuck is the ideal procedure.

A flat stomach creates a more slender shape, which can help to make people feel as though they’re returning to a younger, trimmer body. A tummy tuck, medically referred to as an abdominoplasty, trims the sagging areas from your stomach and tightens the abdominal muscles. This creates a tighter, leaner abdomen.

Mini tummy tuck
For those who are already close to their ideal weight, but want to get rid of any saggy skin from the lower section of the abdomen, then a mini tummy tuck may be the best procedure to choose. The surgery is less invasive than a full tummy tuck and usually takes around 1.5 hours to complete, during which time the patient is under a General Anaesthetic. 

Full tummy tuck
A full tummy tuck aims to remove excess fat and skin from the abdomen as well as tightening these muscles to give the stomach a flatter appearance. As this is considered a major surgery, the procedure will take approximately 2.5 hours under General Anaesthetic. Depending on the extent of fat the patient would like to have removed, there are different incisions that may be made. One is at the naval and the other is a suprapubic incision (this is a hip to hip incision that is made below the underwear line). For those having a mini tummy tuck rather than a full tummy tuck, it is likely that only the suprapubic incision will be required and the naval will not have to be repositioned. 

Recovery time
According to following any type of abdominoplasty an overnight stay in hospital is usual. Some patients may even need to spend two nights which is completely normal. This is then followed by resting at home for a few weeks. The stomach will be swollen and bruised, usually for a period of around one to three weeks. Any pain should subside within two weeks, but patients should not begin to attend the gym or undertake any heavy lifting for around six weeks after the operation.

Would you consider cosmetic surgery?

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  1. I would certainly consider cosmetic surgery. Not as a magic wand but just to tidy things up. I still have a way to go to get to my goal weight but after losing so much its not a surprise that wobbly bits come out to play! A mini tummy tuck and having my upper arms done too would be the two top things I'd love after achieving my goal weight.. Sadly though my bank balance wouldn't cover it :( x

  2. I definitely would, ive lost almost 10stone in weight, and kept if off for a couple of years, but my stomach looks awful. im a gym bunny now, and it gets in the way of some exercises :(

  3. I don't agree with cosmetic surgery - especially tummy tucks. A healthy diet and regular exercise routine is free and much safer and at the end of the day you will feel better and more satisfied because you would have slimmed using your own will power! Who want surgery scars?

  4. I did think about having a tummy tuck one day once I have had children my tummy is very saggy from loosing 5 1/2 stone and makes me feel self concious.

  5. Even though I could do with losing weight I'd never consider a tummy tuck. Painful!

  6. Ooh Lordy no! I'm a HUGE wuss and could never go under the knife no matter what.


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