15 January 2014

Simple Jam Sponge

The cold weather is expected to last and even worsen over the next few weeks so I've really been cranking out the warm desserts after dinner. Sponges are great winter warmers and this jam version can be whisked up in a matter of minutes for happy tummies all round...

It's delicious reheated for lunch the following day too!

Ingredients (serves 4-5)
4 heaped tbsp seedless jam
2 medium eggs
4oz caster sugar
4oz butter (and extra for greasing)
4oz self raising flour

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees
Grease a pudding basin thoroughly and spoon in the jam
In a bowl, mix together the butter and sugar followed by the flour and eggs
Pour the mixture over the top of the jam and level out
Cook for around 25 until golden (use a skewer to ensure it is cooked in the middle)
Turn out onto a plate

For a similar alternative try our syrup sponge recipe

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*This is my entry into the Co-operative Electrical competition.*


  1. Lovely thank you - a great Winter warmer!

  2. I love jam sponge but don't have a pudding basin. What could I use instead? Any ideas?

    1. You could so mini ones in a baking tray - just adjust the time accordingly :) x

  3. Very easy recipe, thanks, will give it a try on Sunday :)

  4. It is all about hot puddings this weekend to keep us warm in this cold and wild weather! Brrrrrr I don't feel so guilty making hot puddings when I know we need the energy to keep us warm and on the move!

  5. Delicious, this is one of my family's favourited topped with custard

  6. I have always liked Jam Sponge. Takes me back to my Childhood


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