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19 February 2014

I Believe

There was a time, several year ago, when I felt alone. 
Unwanted, fearful of the future and incredibly down about my life in general.

I wondered who would want a single mum, a single mum with two very young children that had already been through so much.
They would always be my priority, as any child to any mother should, but as time went by I wanted someone for me. 

Someone to cuddle up to in the evenings.
Someone to be there through the ups and downs.
Someone to hold and love. Someone that would love me back in return.
Someone that would accept me for who I am and not see my children as 'baggage'.
Someone that would treat both me and my children as their own, without question.

I was scared that this someone didn't exist.

Then along came the Mr.

He made me believe that you can find love when you least expect it.
He made me believe that not everyone judges parents without partners.
He made believe I was special and that I deserved happiness.
He made me believe I am beautiful and my children are worth loving by someone other than me.

He is my boyfriend, my best friend, my rock.

I believe in family.



  1. Lovely! I am a single mum and hoping that one day I can meet another Mr :)

  2. Glad you found your Mr. There is someone for everyone.

  3. That's such a beautiful thing to write x

  4. That is totally heartwarming. And a perfect photo to accompany it. Thanks so much for joining in the Reasons to Believe linky x

    1. Thank you Tara. I don't generally write many personal posts when it comes to me and the mr but I wanted to show my appreciation a little for all his help as our 5th anniversary approaches and give others hope that may be in a situation similar x

  5. thats nice. Think a lot of us that have been separated with children feel the same way. Long may you all be happy


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