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19 February 2014

Smiggle - Where a Smile Meets a Giggle

I'm slightly obsessed with pretty stationery and I have quite a collection of notebooks, pens and pencils hidden away at home. Anything that makes writing letters and work related tasks that little bit more exciting is certainly a bonus in my eyes! Plus who doesn't want brightly coloured goodies in their pencil case or school bag?!

Smiggle, an Australian based company, sent the Mini Mes a lovely variety of fun and funky stationery supplies to unleash their creative potential. Although the products are primarily aimed at children I was thrilled to un-box such a wonderful collection of items (and possibly a little green with envy) knowing that the kids were keen for me to get artistic with them! I obviously jumped at the chance and they helped to unpack the beautiful supplies in lightening speed.

What we received

Bubble Hardtop Spot Pencil Case
12 Scented Twin Tip Markers
12 Double Sided Pencils
2 Whammy Sharpeners
Giant Twisted Eraser
2 Maze Pens
Animal Pencil
Treats Rainbow Pen
Book Lite
Scratch Book
Sketch Book
Stencil Book 

Minxy was keen to take everything to school that day to show her friends as she was that impressed by the unique and quirky pieces. I have to admit I was really pleased with the quality and I loved the fact that the attractiveness of the stationery was encouraging the children to draw and colour! 

After school we placed all of the items onto the table, grabbed some coloured paper and got stuck in...

We all had a great time being creative and talking about some of our favourite movies and games (can you guess what the kids drew?).

The pens with their own case was ideal for storage but being double sided, similar to the pencils, meant they didn't take up much space in the pencil case anyway, especially with its different internal sections.

I'm hoping the Mr treats me to some stationery of my own from Smiggle as they have some great value things that I love... especially the strawberry gift set below! Well, it is nearly my birthday after all.


The first of the Smiggle stores to open in the UK is at Westfield, Stratford on 20th February 2014 followed by launches in Reading, Brighton and Kingston.

You can find out more about their stores and products here:

*We received a collection of products from Smiggle for the purpose of this review. The opinions given are honest and our own*



  1. Like the Scratch book and the twin tipped pens and pencils. Reminds me to get the kids to go through their pen box today to get rid of pens that don't work!

  2. WOW My girls would love that! Thanks for the review - this is new to me!

  3. wow this looks great, a good idea for rainy days!

  4. Your collection of stationery is really cool, I like the way you protect your stationery items, I wish I can do the same protection of my stationery. best pencil sharpener for colored pencils

  5. I will buy them for my children


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