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20 March 2014

Help Your Kids Engage With Nature This Spring

As the nights become longer and the days warmer millions of families around the UK will get off the sofa and of the house to enjoy the great outdoors. But as spring bulbs bloom and new bursts of foliage turn our landscape lush green, how knowledgeable are we about the plants and wildlife around us?

Do you struggle to name a bird when your little one hears a cooing sound coming from a tree in the park and do you find it hard to name the flowers that are coming into bud? Now is the time to brush up on your knowledge about nature so you can tell your children about the exciting world of plants and wildlife in their own back garden, or the local parks and woodlands.

Join the live WebTV show where Zoologist and nature writer Jules Howard will reveal some interesting facts about nature in Britain and guide you through what to look to out for this spring when you are in the great outdoors. Following a survey conducted by Cbeebies show Tree Fu Tom which revealed that many parents admit to feeling stumped when put on the spot by their children to identify the name of a plant or tree, now is your chance to swot up.

Zoologist and nature writer Jules Howard will be live online at today (20th March) but you can also watch live right here at 2pm.

Feel free to submit your questions below before it begins!



  1. Luckily I am quite clued up on nature as I have always been interested and we live by the sea and close to the countryside and are always out and about on walks with our dog. I assume it must be harder for families living in cities and towns who maybe don't get to visit the countryside or coast that much. Thanks for the post!

  2. Great idea - Hubs knows everything about nature, including all the words in French and English, whereas I don't have a clue, so this sounds fab to me.

  3. I am on a steep learning curve where nature is concerned and loving finding out what new birds are appearing in my garden.


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