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21 March 2014

Need a Boost? Try Caffè Cagliari

Organising your work schedule, doing the school run, planning family days out and then trying to fit in a social life can more than often leave you feeling exhausted and gasping for a pick-me-up. Most parents can’t find time for a relaxing bath let alone a spa day; so it is not unusual to find your self reaching for the coffee. 

Caffè Cagliari, an Italian coffee brand with love of family and quality tradition have recently launched in the UK. With over 100 years of passion you will not only be getting a great boost but you will be experiencing part of a special history. 

The Caffè Cagliari iLove Espresso pods can easily fit into your hectic life-schedule and they are
affordable too! If you already own a Nespresso machine you can easily give Caffè Cagliari ago due to their compatibility and affordable price of £2.99 per 10 capsules.

Getting the kids up and ready and pushing them out the door for the school run? Pop an Espresso Ristretto pod into your machine, experience that 10 strength full body flavour and your good to go. 

By lunch time you will be ready for that extra boost, whether it is finding time to chill out for a minute with the delicate flavour of the Elite capsule or waking yourself up at work with the intense aroma of the Crem Espresso you will feel comfort in the fact you are enjoying a lovingly crafted coffee. 

Evening time for most is that long awaited few hours of peacefulness, the kids are in bed and your favourite soaps are on TV. If you do manage not to fall asleep on the sofa then now could be the perfect time to take pleasure in a cup of Deca coffee with no more than 0.10% caffeine - Thank you Caffè Cagliari.

How do you like your coffee?



  1. Sounds good - I am knackered at the mo!

  2. I have ordered some - thanks for the recommendation!


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