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21 March 2014

Hidden Gems - Pets Corner, Weedon.

Sometimes it's the small, local and virtually undiscovered attractions that bring the most happiness and enjoyment to your children, and we have a hidden gem on our doorstep. 
Although we have had many great days out at LEGOland, Sealife Centres and theatres galore we like to go back to basics from time to time and this is the perfect place to do so.

Pets Corner in Weedon, Northamptonshire is situated on a working farm with a cafe and store on site where you can pick up your fresh produce to take home.  It's located down a side street in a small village and we ourselves only heard of its existence from a friend that accidentally stumbled across it while looking for a nearby garden centre! 

It's a lovely place to pet animals before cleaning up and sitting with tea and cake to relax. For that very reason, when LOOK Insurance recently asked me to contribute to their map of hidden gems, Pets Corner was my number one choice

This time of year there are plenty of newborn lambs that you can fuss and feed alongside the goats and birds, which is the main reason we visit - the Mini Mes love to get hands on with cute spring animals! It's also a near free activity yet a great way to learn about caring for creatures big and small in the process.

You can purchase food and milk at the store for as little as 50p and wander down the narrow muddy track for some outdoor family fun. It's a quiet place and we rarely see anybody else when there, proving just how unknown it really is!

I love to hear the Mini Mes giggle as the goats gently nibble the brown pellet-like food from their palms and they cling tightly to the bottles as the hungry lambs gulp down their drink.

I often get stuck in too but I like to stand back and just watch them having an experience that hopefully they will treasure forever.

It's the little things.

Where is your hidden gem?

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  1. This looks like a lovely place! Thanks for sharing. Any chance you might be able to point me in its direction? We live just the other side of Brackley - so not that familiar with Weedon. Do you know if it is open at weekends? x

  2. Love the cute little lambs! What a great place to go

  3. Spring is a wonderful season for new life and having first hand contact as the children are is such a wonderful experience. Thanks for linking up and sharing their fun with Country Kids.

  4. You can't beat a working farm can you, especially in the Spring.

  5. What a lovely little place, I wish we had somewhere like that around here! #CountryKids

  6. Spring and finally summer promises a lot of nice things! This is part of my plan to expose the little one to animals and nature =)

    awesome photos.


  7. This sounds like a great place and you are lucky to have it so near. We often visit a small farm, called Putlake Farm, when we are on holiday in Dorset where you can feed lambs and goats and I've enjoyed seeing how the children's reactions to feeding the animals change over a few visits from scared and nervous to loving it.

  8. What a lovely place, my two would have a fantastic time x

  9. Ahhh gorgeous photos - looks lovely! We have a similar pets corners close to where we live and always try to visit every Spring!

  10. Ahh they are lovely arent they. x

  11. This looks like such a lovely place to visit. We had a wonderful hidden gem of a place near us but it had to close down last year :-( I am still on the lookout for somewhere else.

  12. We have a lovely little farm near us - sounds a lot like this one!
    Anna x

  13. Looks like fun! I'm not aware of any farms like this near us, but there is a donkey sanctuary about an hour's drive away ... we visited a few years ago and the main thing I remember is the goat who tried to share our lunch :-)

  14. can't beat a visit to the farm


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