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05 March 2014


7.40am and the house begins to buzz.
Crisp uniforms on, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, faces washed.
Wax applied to hair and headbands in place to impress.
Bags packed with books, tuck money provided, shoes and coats on.
Perhaps a few minutes spare for a cartoon or two.

Away we go.

The Mini Mes walk ahead and I watch from behind.
I'm present but absent too.
My conversation isn't required as they natter about the day ahead.
Their lessons, their lunch, their friends and their homework.
The latest crush, the grumpiest teacher and plans for the weekend!

I've become more like a chaperone than a mum when it comes to the school run.

I love that they are getting so independent and I get to see them doing things for themselves.
At the same time I'm overwhelmed with feelings of broodiness and I long for my babies back... 

...or for another to add to the family so that I can experience it all over again.

What is your morning routine like?



  1. Ahh I love that they do look deep in conversation. It's totally different for me, I'm Meg's sounding board and she talks at ME non-stop. I don't know what I'll do when Eli is old enough to talk this way with her. #thegallery

  2. Since we now have two different drop offs (eldest two are at Secondary) it's all become very early and rather hectic! Is your eldest in her last year at primary?

  3. Thats fab my two are normally trying to bop each other with their lunch boxes

  4. they do look very grown up dont they? Your routine sounds quite easy going but as you say, it takes time xx

  5. I love it when we are at this point of the morning.

  6. I'm not going to enjoy it when they are big enough to walk just ahead of me. I don't think I'll ever stop taking them to Primary but once they get to "big school" it probably won't be cool to have me tagging along!

  7. My two walk along like this two. I love seeing them chat together. When my eldest was with them, they just used to argue!

  8. you stop being needed very quickly, for a while you are unwanted and then you make a return as a taxi. I miss the walk to school with chatterings a lot.

  9. I hope my two chatter away like that when they're older, but at the same time I'm going to make the most of the boys vying for my attention while they want it!

  10. Aww it's so sad when they grow up but lovely that they have each other.

  11. It's great they can walk to school. Mine is just watching the clock to make sure he's not running late for the bus. #thegallery


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