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18 March 2014

Spring Into Action


March is here and spring has sprung – depending on who you believe!  I’m never sure whether the spring season starts on the 1st day of March or when British Summer Time begins – this year that’s 30th March.  Personally I prefer the first option, if for no reason other than the fact that spring shouldn’t be marked on a date that refers to summer and saying spring begins at the start of March gives us a whole month more to put the winter blues behind us. 

One thing that is consistent, though, with the changing of the seasons - from the depths of darkness
to the sense of bright new beginnings- is the unexplainable urge to tidy up or ‘spring clean’ as it has been known down the ages. Chores that you would otherwise baulk at doing at any other time of year, such as tidying the loft, cleaning out the cupboards, darning duvet covers and anything else that makes you feel like ‘Molly Maid’ for a month, become major priorities. That annoying stain that you’ve lived with for so long suddenly becomes unbearable to look at.

Tidying up the inside of the house is all well and good, and needs to be done, but it’s also important not to neglect the front of your property. After all, a front door is the gateway to your world, your personal space…call it what you will. Should washing down the UPC or applying a new coat of varnish if it’s a wooden door not do the trick in making it look all spick-and-span again, you might just have to pay a visit to a door manufacturer or have a look around online., for example, serves as the online sales arm of the southern England-based quality door manufacturer by that name. There are quite a few online directories that list the numerous door manufacturers up and down the UK, from Brighton to Bolton and Cambridge to Carlisle. You might find this one helpful:

Should you feel the need to purchase a new front door, why not dress it with a hanging basket on either side or attach a funky new house number plate to the adjoining wall? As already said, spring is a time for new beginnings and a lovely floral display at the entrance to your house will certainly add to the feel-good factor that abounds at this wonderful time of year. 

If you have a porch then you won’t need me to tell you that, for 364 days of the year, this area serves as a dumping ground for dirty wellies, muddy football boots, umbrellas that have been blown inside and out and any other bits and pieces that do not have a natural ‘home’ inside your four walls. With the help of a few tools – a new sponge, an absorbent cloth, a bit of washing up liquid, some hot water in a bowl and a firm brush to dust down your ‘welcome’ mat –in no time whatsoever your porch will be sparkling just like your new front door.

Will you be having a spring clean?



  1. I'm slooowly working through the house - a very very slow spring clean - I might get it all done by summer if I'm lucky!!!

  2. Oh yes, I already started on my spring cleaning but still have a long journey ahead of me


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