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04 April 2014

Give Up To Give Back

This year Plan are hoping to increase the number of child sponsors through a campaign called 'Give Up to Give Back'. They're encouraging people to give up some of the small things in their lives that they could do without and re-investing the money they have saved in making a massive difference to a child's life through child sponsorship. 

Just a few pounds a week really isn't a lot; just a coffee and cake!

 I've given up wine and signed up to donate £15 each month to Plan. Not only will this be
beneficial to my health and my weight loss but there will be a small child, the same age as Jamster, benefiting from my donation. It's a win win situation. 

You can even select the location, age and sex of the child you wish to help. 

What Do Plan Do?
Plan work around the world in developing and third world countries to help improve the lives of the world's poorest children. They do this through building hospitals and schools, installing fresh water supplies and much more, using money provided through child sponsorship. 
You may have even seen their adverts.

·          You can sign up to sponsor a child here: 

·          What will you #GiveUp2GiveBack?

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