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12 May 2014

Fun with Food - The Very Hungry Caterpillar Themed Lunch

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a classic story that is well loved by many families across the world, and it is still pulled from the bookshelf in our home from time to time too.

I decided to create a lunch inspired by this popular book as I'm a firm believer that making food fun encourages children to eat better/more. With smaller pieces separated into sections it can also be a lot quicker for little people to consume and therefore ideal for school when kids just want to get outside and play!

  • Round pieces of bread in the shape of a caterpillar
  • Ham and cheese with holes in
  • Strawberries and mange tout with holes in
  • Apple shaped as butterflies
  • A chocolate cake bar with a hole in
  • Strawberry yogurt with sprinkles to represent a fresh, sparkly egg

This lunch not not only includes parts from the book but a basic life cycle too - edible and educational!

It doesn't take long to make, it's just a case of shaping a few bits and cutting holes in others (the same as the caterpillar nibbling through food in the story).  I did this quickly with some scissors and our Pop Chef set before placing everything within a Yumbox.

- Pop Chef
This is a really handy 10 piece kit which includes 1 bulb, 6 fun shape cutters (Butterfly, Flower, Sun, Heart, Circle, Star), 25 bamboo skewers, a recipe booklet and a plastic stick. You can attach the cutters to the stem with a simple twist and once you have cut your food a quick squeeze of the bulb helps to release it from the cutter. Not only is it great for fruit and bread, you can use it to make jelly, cakes and cookies. It's really quite versatile.

This will be available in the UK from June 2014 (we managed to get our mitts on one a little bit early!) and it comes in either pink or green. It is really robust with a secure clip to seal it and the inner segmented plastic tray is removable for ease of cleaning. Each section has a food group sticker on and is sized to represent the size portion your child will require. There is a silicone lid attached within the top of the box to prevent spillages and to keep food fresh. This also means you don't need to search for pots and lids each day (where does Tupperware disappear to?!) and there is no need for bags, tin foil or clingfilm - it's cleverly designed to save time and money in the kitchen. 

I also added a few plastic separators, that look like grass and feature some cute bug images, to go with the theme which I purchased from eBay.

Have you created a themed lunch recently?

* We received a Yumbox and Pop Chef for the purpose of a post. The lunch idea is our own and the opinions given are honest*


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  1. I feel so lazy when I see these gorgeous lunches people make! My daughter has homemade healthy food but I don't know how people find the time - she yells "Hungry!" at me while I'm peeling satsumas and toasting bread nevermind cutting it in to pretty shapes. Maybe she will appreciate more once she's at nursery or school and opens up her lunchbox instead of just having it plonked on her high chair tray :-)

  2. This looks lovely - I am inspired to try it with my little ones as they love The Hungry Caterpillar Story. Thank you for taking the time to review Yumbox for us and for the fab inspiration!

    One of the great things about Yumbox is that because it is air tight you can prepare lunch the night before (I do ours while I'm cooking the dinner) and store it in the fridge. One less job in the morning!

  3. This looks amazing, my daughter would love this :)

  4. Inspiring .... I feel inadequate! !

  5. look's very tasty and healthy too


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