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13 May 2014

Furbys, iPads and Pooh - Family Funny

Jamster is at the age where anything even slightly disgusting makes his eyes light up and sets him off in fits of laughter. He will pop up from anywhere at anytime shouting "pull my finger" but thankfully I've fallen for that once before to know I should avoid doing so again! 

He is obsessed with Horrid Henry and his gruesome tales and he likes to play practical jokes on his big sister, as little brothers do. He loves slime, Toxic magazine and generally just being a little crude but we certainly love him for it and it definitely makes us all laugh too at times.

He has been connecting his Furby to the iPad since he got it at Christmas and apart from feeding it and playing games with it, he has recently discovered that he can make it *ahem* visit the toilet.
He burst into my bedroom to share this revelation while I was putting some washing away...

Jamster: "Mummmmm. You need to see this!"
Me: Oooh what is it?

Jamster pops the iPad and Furby on the bed and lines them up.

Jamster: "Pull the Furby's tail and see what it does."

I obliged, grudgingly, and then the Furby started to make some rather strange noises before creating a jelly bean shaped pooh on the screen. Green stink vapours included - Nice.

Rather than laughing though, Jamster's expression was priceless. Even he looked shocked!

Jamster: "Mum, it has never done one that big before. You. Are. Epic! I've got to show Minxy."

I'm so glad to have been of assistance. 
Apparently it was that massive he just had to tell his friends... and teachers at school too. The joy!

What has made you laugh this week?

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  1. Eugh! Boys! I have all this to look forward to! x

  2. That is brilliant. We had a Furby for Christmas and yes that feature proved quite popular with my lot too. What is it with children and poo? Thank you for linking up

  3. Ours has a heart shaped poo and when I pulled its tail it kicked a football. I dont really understand it as well as the boys do!


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