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05 June 2014

Remote Control Racing Fun

Jamster loves vehicle toys, be it bikes, tractors or trucks, so the Street Troopers Project 66 Gold really made his eyes light up when it arrived in the post from Hawkin's Bazaar. Not only is it a great remote control car but it has a unique feature that many other toys lack; it fires 5 darts from a hidden cannon! 

It certainly keeps Minxy and Spartan (or anyone else in it's path) on their toes when the big red
button is pressed and it morphs into attack mode to reveal it's weaponry. They fire at quite a distance and with suction cups at the end they will stick to patio windows or cabinet doors too.

It's great for developing hand-eye coordination.

This law enforcement vehicle comes in stylish gold and black (there is also a red version available) and it has a tri-channel transmitter. It requires 8 AA batteries, not supplied, which go in the car and the remote to enable play. It's really straight forward to use and Jamster got the hang of it instantly. He has since created ramps for it and a cardboard car park - it has totally sparked his imagination.

I think the Mr has enjoyed playing with this too. It's perfect for both children and adults alike.

The remote has two levers to steer the vehicle, an on and off switch (a great way to save battery power), a morph button which illuminates when on, and two buttons to fire the darts.

Created by Maisto, a well known brand when it comes to die cast vehicles in particular, the Street Trooper has a RRP of £50. It's great quality (and quite fast too) so although quite pricey for a toy it is robust enough to last, even when crashed into walls and driven off steps int he garden!

Jamster certainly gives this the thumbs up and having seen the fun it has provided and the smile on his face while he plays it gets a thumbs up from me too.

Do your children like playing with vehicle toys too?

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  1. What a cool car! The only thing that bugs me about these things is that they use so many batteries and are never supplied with the cars! x

  2. Looks really cool and perfect for boys! #triedtested

  3. My brothers used to LOVE things like this! x

  4. Wow - my kids would love this! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. That is so cool....Looks like a lot of fun! x

  6. That looks great, what's the age range for it? #TriedTested


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