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06 June 2014

Clean the Clutter for Summer

With the sun beaming through your windows it can often show up the dust and fingerprints lurking in your lounge, so before your family and friends come knocking for garden parties galore this summer season, take just a few minutes a day to keep the cobwebs at bay. 

My simple cleaning tips might help you to become a domestic goddess in no time - they may even help you to save money in the process too!

There is no need to fear your guests popping to the loo when it is sparkling clean and fresh so just tip
a cheap bottle of cola down the toilet, leave for an hour and then give a quick scrub for amazing results. Using a teaspoon of lemon oil once per month will prevent dirt build up on shower doors and  it helps any grime to come off easily  - removing the hassle and saving money on cleaning your bathroom.

The oven is often seen to be the heart of the home so getting some liners for it, which can catch any drips and splashes with ease, will keep it fresh and clean with minimal effort. To clean any glass, including the windows, dab some vinegar on newspaper and save ££ on branded products!

Whether you have an unplugged vacuum cleaner or a unplugged cordless vacuum cleaner it's certainly time to get your small appliances out to make your floors more inviting for the guests that will be popping over for BBQ's and drinks on the patio. If you are used to unexpected visitors surprising you it may be worth investing in a lightweight cordless rechargeable vacuum so the moment you see a car pull up outside you can jump to action to pick up any fluff or crumbs that may be around! 
If you have wooden floors lemon juice mixed with olive oil will really make it shine.

The exterior is just important as the interior so ensure play equipment and seating is clean by washing with soapy water, adding a little sterilising fluid to kill off any germs. If anything is rusty then sand it off and coat with an outdoor metal primer to seal.

If there are any strange odours emerging from your home these can be removed and in no time at all. Tip a small amount of vanilla extract on cotton wool balls and leave nearby to bins or litter trays. It also helps to get rid of the smell of cigarettes too. If you want your microwave to be fresher simply place citrus peel covered in a small amount of water in a microwavable bowl then heat on high for two minutes before wiping down. If it's old trainers kicking out a stink then place baking powder in your shoes in the evening and tap off any excess in the morning/before wearing. 

Do you have any cleaning tips?

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