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01 July 2014

A Royal Summer

This time last year we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of a little prince; George. He is already a major trend setter with many mums purchasing the same attire for their own little boys, and he hasn't yet turned 1! It looks as though it's going to be a very royal summer indeed with his birthday on the agenda, and plenty of celebrations for Kate and William's bundle of joy, plus many other special occasions too for the royals too...

Prince George had one of the heaviest birth weights of any royal recorded and it's predicted that it
won't be long until a sibling will be on the way for him.  It got me thinking about my own births and what a wonderful experience it is to bring new life into the world. Minxy was quite heavy at 8lb 4oz and was one of just 5% born on her due date. Jamster however was 11 days early, 6lb 14.5oz and he arrived in the sac (which is rare and seen to be very lucky) after just a 2 hour 36 min labour at home. He made his entrance on my en suite bathroom floor just as the paramedic arrived! This really goes to show how different every birth experience can be.

You can find out a little more about Prince George's life so far with the infographic below:

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What special occasions will you be celebrating this summer?

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  1. wow! almost 1 time really does fly

  2. I can't believe it's been a year, that has gone so fast! The special occasion I will be celebrating this year is my 40th birthday, with mixed emotions!


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