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23 July 2014

The Funny Things Kids Say And Do - School's Out For Summer

I'm always proud of the Mini Mes and their achievements, as I'm sure most parents are with their own children, but when I get their reports and read how well they are doing at school it always makes me grin ear to ear with pride. I said to them both how pleased I was after reading the latest edition and they requested a visit to the ice cream parlour as an end of year treat... which I happily agreed to (yum)!

Jamster always goes to school very cheerfully and he has lots of friends. I know he likes to giggle and talks a lot too the cheeky chappy. His teacher points out that he loves art because of the mess - spot on, he loves playing in mud and getting grubby at home in the garden.

Minxy is described as polite and well mannered which she most certainly is*. The dinner ladies love her too as she is always happy to help serving the younger ones their meals and clean up the tables. She is so competitive that she has even set herself some challenges to complete in year 6 already which the teacher has mentioned!


Along with their reports I also received their completed exercise books for the year. I started to flick through the pages to see what they had been leaning about and I soon discovered that Jamster has spent quite a lot of time... posing.

How modest!

What funny things have your children said and done this week?


* Unless she is having a tween meltdown



  1. What lovely memories to have and keep. We don't get the boys old school books. I dont know what the school does with them all

  2. so lovely to have their old books to keep and look back on

  3. That's lovely that you get to keep their work books - you can see the progression can't you? x

  4. I keep my sons old books as well

  5. HAHA, love the posing. I love looking back through the folders they send home too :)

  6. We received the photo from my son's coat peg this week. He looks so young, it's a great keepsake.

  7. What is that chin in fingers pose all about? I do love seeing their reports at the end of the year - lovely to find out about what they actually get up to when they're not with us!

  8. I love those poses! I look forward to the end of year reports; seeing a different point of view of your child is very interesting.

  9. We got our first end-of-year report and I was so emotional reading through it. Loving the photos as well.

  10. I can't wait until my little one can start talking, at the moment she talks jibberish and she makes us laugh


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